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August 14 through August 17, 2008           Abstracts of Papers


Body Image Formation Hypotheses Based on Corona Discharge: Discussion  

by Giulio Fanti (giuliofanti@tiscalinet. it). Friday, August 15, 4:00 p.m.–4:22 p.m.

A paper entitled “Body Image Formation Hypotheses Based on Corona Discharge” was presented at the Dallas conference on the Turin Shroud (TS) in September 2005 and published at www.dim.unipd.it/misure/fanti/corona.pdf. It contains different hypotheses, experimental results, and comments. At the end of the conference and during the discus­sions developed from the Shroud Science Internet Group, some questions pushed the author to write the present paper with the aim to clarify some aspects. 

After a presentation of the main points discussed in the previous paper relative to Coronal Discharge (CD), some new evidence will be presented and discussed. For example, some obscure facts, such as the lack of corresponding image of some bloodstains (hair and knees on dorsal image and feet on frontal image) or the excessive redness of the bloodstains (in agreement with another paper G. Goldoni presented in the congress) are discussed in the light of the corona discharge hypothesis. 

The paper focuses then on the following points in discussion on CD also furnishing explanations that confirm the proposed mechanism as the responsible one of the TS body image formation. 

- The radiation effects are almost orthogonal to the skin.

- The resolution of the resulting CD images is coherent with the TS even over relatively long distances.

- The relationship of body-cloth luminance intensity is duplicated in CD in two different ways depending on the selected hypothesis.

- The field intensities necessary to generate a discharge vary with ambient conditions (ionization) and with the particular phenomenon involved, such as external electric field due to a ball of lightning or to an earthquake or to an internal electric field.

- Areal density and striations of image are well reproduced by CD.

- Superficiality of the image is also reproduced by CD even if only electrical effects are involved.

- CD did not degrade the bloodstains because the radiation was sufficiently brief and the involved temperature was sufficiently low.

- CD well explains why the cloth was in two different configurations; rather, following one of the proposed hypotheses, it postulates those two different positions (in partial agreement with B.A. Power). In fact, following the law “PV = kT”, the rapid increase of temperature (T) in correspondence of the air between corpse and cloth due to the energy emission caused a pressure (P) and volume (V) variation, which were the explanation why the cloth moved (flattened). 

An additional hypothesis that explains the mechanism involved in the body image formation with CD is proposed at the end: perhaps involved in the body dematerialization, an electric field was generated by neutrons that came out of the body. These electrons were attracted by the linen fabric following the standard patterns ruled by a normal electric field, and they interacted with the linen fibers. The fibers acted like “optical fibers” or “light pipes” (in a manner first proposed by K. Moran) and let the electrons generated by the corpse run along their length, not as sup­posed by K. Moran “in” the fiber but “outside” it along the thin external layer composed of polysaccharides. Some colored fibers are posed side-by-side to non-colored fibers, because they were not interested by an electron interac­tion (because of a bit more distant from the electron source). 

NOTE: Someone classifies as non-scientific some work that makes reference to the “supernatural” events, like the dematerialization. This can be true in some cases, but in the present work some facts are only considered and dis­cussed; the hypothesis of a “particular event” directly results from the explanations of these considerations. This can not be a priori excluded from the analysis because for the moment the only complete explanation of them requires a reference to a “supernatural” event.

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