The Shroud of Turin: Perspectives on a Multifaceted Enigma


August 14 through August 17, 2008           Abstracts of Papers


Abstracts of Papers

  1. VP-8 Shroud Image Analysis, Impact, and History by Peter Schumacher  

  2. My White Linen* White Paper by Kenneth E. Stevenson  

  3. Visibility of the Shroud Image: An Optical Physicist’s Perspective by John Dee German

  4. The Spectroscopy of Various Candidate Processes Associated with Image Formation and Features of the Shroud of Turin Redux (What We Might Have Seen If We Did It Right) by Joseph S. Accetta  

  5. Digital Image Analysis of the Shroud of Turin: An Ongoing Investigation by Raymond J. Schneider  

  6. A Physical Hypothesis on the Origin of the Body Image Embedded into the Turin Shroud by Paolo Di Lazzaro  

  7. Shroud Coins Dating by Image Extraction by T.V. Oommen  

  8. Revisiting the Right Eye Image: What Is It? by Dr. Alan and Mary Whanger  

  9. Aspects of the Shroud in Botany and Related Art by Dr. Alan and Mary Whanger

  10. Body Image Formation Hypotheses Based on Corona Discharge: Discussion by Giulio Fanti

  11. Resolution of Images Obtained Without an Acquisition System Using MTF by Giulio Fanti  

  12. Statistical Analysis of Dusts Taken from Different Areas of the Turin Shroud by Giulio Fanti  

  13. Scourge Bloodstains on the Turin Shroud: An Evidence for Different Instruments Used by Barbara Faccini  

  14. What Went Wrong with the Shroud’s Radiocarbon Date? Setting It All in Context by Paul C. Maloney  

  15. Invisible Mending and the Turin Shroud: Historical and Scientific Evidence by Joseph G. Marino and M. Sue Benford.  

  16. Text Box:  
Surface Chemical Analysis of the Shroud of Turin Identifies Discrepancies in Radiocarbon Dating Region by M. Sue Benford and Joseph G. Marino  

  17. Analytical Results On Thread Samples Taken From The Raes Sampling Area (Corner) Of The Shroud Cloth by Robert Villarreal with Barrie Schwortz and M. Sue Benford 

  18. SEM-EDXA Analysis of Red Particles Removed from the Underside of the Turin Shroud in 1988 by Ryan L. Parr

  19. Neutron Radiation Effects on Linen Fibers and Consequences for a Radiocarbon Dating by Francesco Barbesino  

  20. A Global Forensic Analysis of the Elements of the Shroud of Turin: Compatibility Between the Evidences of Vital­ity and the Absence of Signs of Death on the Cloth by Dr. Miguel Lorente  

  21. Text Box:  
The Death of the Shroud Man: An Improved Review by Barbara Faccini  

  22. The Shroud of Turin, the Holographic Experience by Petrus Soons  

  23. Botany of the Shroud of Turin: An Addition Concerning New Information by Avinoam Danin  

  24. Ancient Edessa and the Shroud: History Concealed by the Discipline of the Secret by Jack Markwardt  

  25. On Besancon and Other Plausible Theories for the Shroud During the Missing 150 Years, 1204 to 1355 by Daniel C. Scavone  

  26. Was Sixth-century Desertification a Factor in the Transfer of Relics from Palestine? by Diana Fulbright

  27. A Note on “the Servant of Peter” by Diana Fulbright  

  28. Jesus Christ, the Man of the Shroud, and Biirubin by Carlo Goldoni. (Posthumus paper) 

  29. Advancing the Shroud into the 21st Century: Reaching the Next Generation by Russell Breault  

  30. Focus Projects for Student Involvement in Researching the Scientific Properties of the Shroud of Turin by Raymond J. Schneider  

  31. The Tangible Emmanuel: How the Scriptures Shed Light on the Meaning and Presence of the Shroud of Turin by Christopher Knabenshue



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